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Loft condensation

Two years ago we had some work done in the loft to try and solve a condensation problem. This included having 4 air vent tiles installed in the roof and 12 soffit vents (6 at the front and 6 at the back) also installed. This is in addition to the soffit venting that is already there. Also installed was a loft ladder and new loft hatch. With a cold spell upon us I took a look yesterday and found, to my dismay, that condensation has returned. Admittedly it is not as bad as two years ago - the rear half of the loft is completely dry, it is the front half that is affected. It is very cold up there - you can see your breath, so there must be plenty of air circulating. So why is there condensation? Completely baffled by this.

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A common cause of condensation in lofts often happens as a result of the eaves being blocked with insulation or even the insulation touching the roof velt.



Answered 27th Apr 2013

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