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Have just found out that there is no insulation in the walls of our en-suite bathroom, which is a studwork dormer. 3x2 studs so I'm thinking of 50mm Kingspan in the cavity to allow for air circulation, followed by foil-backed 25mm Kingspan with bonded plasterboard on top of joists.

There is some insulation in the ceiling; difficult to tell how much, so I'm thinking of the same 25mm foil-backed Kingspan with bonded plasterboard on the ceiling.

Obviously then to have both walls and ceiling skimmed.

Does anyone have any ideas which would improve upon that, please?

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hi there would agree whith what you are saying other optin is to use a good quality glass wool in instead of the kingspan in the cavity anstill use the fil back plasterboard .


Answered 21st Jan 2013

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