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How practical would it be to tile all kitchen work surfaces.i have tiled surfaces but they need replacing.would one of the newer surfaces available be cheaper and longer lasting?

The bases are oak and in good condition and I dont want to replace them.I like the look of tiles.

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Very practical, works well in fact. Often best to use small tiles, 4" x 4". Needs a lot of skill on the front edge or it will look tacky. You should use a silicone grout because a normal grout will stain. But the tiles are extremely durable and will never stain or scratch. You can also use granite tiles, these look very posh and are a fraction of the cost of a granite worksurface. I can send you a picture of a cloakroom granite tiled surface if you like, looks good.


Paul Albright


Answered 18th Jan 2013

Hello, I would never use tiles on work surfaces the grout holds dirt and germs that you can't get clean, these surfaces are banned in commercial kitchens. Use a good quality standard worktop that you can wipe clean.


Answered 19th Jan 2013

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