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What's required to refit a roof with vented ridge tiles?

I've been advised to have my roof fitted with vented ridge tiles. In cold weather we're getting condensation on the north side of the loft. It's a 70's build and the underside of the roof has a heavy black membrane. I'd like to post a job but need a better understanding of the work required.

Thanks for your Answer, the underside of the roof has already been fitted with several vents, which aren't doing enough to improve the ventilation.

Thanks for the second answer. Were you quoting for tile vents or RIDGE tile vents? (I have the former already fitted).

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You may find you simply need to fit vents to the underside of the felt in the loft with something like these


Answered 16th Jan 2013

I would advertise for a roof tiler to supply & fit tile vents in the roof , the black membrane [ felt ] as you call it would need to be cut through into the loft to allow the damp air to escape. Your local building supplies should let you know how many you need if they visit site . Average cost for a plastic tile vent supplied & fitted into the roof in our area would be about £50 plus vat each , you may need between 4 & 8 in total.

To increase the ventilation you can add more tile vents as required , with ridge ventilation it will cost more & is limited by the length of the ridge line.

The quote of £50 each was for tile vents , to get a quote for ridge vents I think you should get a good local roofer to visit site.


Answered 19th Jan 2013

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