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How to install a mixer shower

Hi guys. I want to fit a thermostatic mixer shower in my bathroom over bath. At the moment there is no shower at all. I was wondering if I could tap into hot and cold feeds to bath taps and run pipework up studwall. There is quite decent pressure at bath taps but not sure if would be good enough for shower. Any advice welcome and appreciated. Thank you. Gaz

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Should not be a problem to do this as long as -
1. There is a good enough flow rate for the mixer
2. The pressure on both hot and cold are similar (normally need to be within 0.5bar of eachother)
3. There are not issues with supply to the mixer e.g. someone turns on a tap elsewhere in the house and the pressure drops dramatically on one of the feeds.

Flow rates and suitable pressures can normally be found in manufacturers instructions.......

Answered 16th Jan 2013

Greg Poole Plumbing

Member since 11 Sep 2012

Dear gps1978,

First thing of all is what type of boiler do you have, if it is a combi you can quite happily fit a thermo mixer no problems at all,

however if you do not have a combi boiler things are a little tricky in the way that a) you need to check that the thermostatic mixer shower is suited to conventinal systems b) if not suited get the correct one c) put the pipework in place and connect up to see if enough pressure d) if not enough pressure install a salamdar booster pump.

If you are in Norfolk I am to come round and have look.

Good luck, MarioThePlumber from Horning.

Answered 16th Jan 2013

Mario The Plumber

Member since 4 Feb 2011

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