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Who would fit an extractor fan in double glazed kitchen & bathroom?

Who can fitt an extractor fan in my double glazed kitchen and bathroom?

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Hi there, if you need the extractor fitted into a double glazed glass unit only the glass manufacturer (a double glazing company) can cut the hole you need. Also they would not cut your existing unit they would charge you for a new unit and cut that one, (because the glazing would need to be sealed around the cut), as for then installing the extractor in the new piece of glazing usually you would ring an electrician but you will find most builders that offer a kitchen/bathroom fitting service would oblige too. I hope that's been helpful. CJ's Building


Answered 15th Jan 2013

Does it have to be fitted to the windows? Cant it be fitted to an external wall? An electrician could then drill a 100mm hole and fit the fan accordingly.


Answered 15th Jan 2013

Most likely an electrician, or refurbishment company like us, these are needed in all refurbishments. A builder may be able to refer you to someone as well. Hope this helps.


Paul Albright


Answered 15th Jan 2013

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