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Soil pipe

Any help appreciated , the soil stack from the toilets in my house do not seem to have a vent , the pipe goes up to the loft and is capped , the smell emanating from the toilet is sometimes pretty bad , the house is only a new build from 12years ago, I've noticed some of our neighbours have vents coming through the roof , except my immediate neighbour who is suffering the same problem as me, any suggestions to solve the problem would be really appreciated, cheers

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Hi johning_19,
Your soil stack should either:
1) Vent to atmosphere if it is external or,
2) If its intstalled internally be fitted with an air admittance valve as this; (cut & paste this link into your browser)
which can be fitted in your loft.
A very simple push fit installation which you can undertake yourself - just be careful in the loft and use crawl boards across the ceiling joists if required.
I hope this helps.
Holbex Design


Answered 14th Jan 2013

Hello Johning_19,

Holbex Design Ltd is spot on, I can believe the installation was done so so poorly. Kind regards, Mario


Answered 15th Jan 2013

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