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Replacing battery in alarm control panel - is this a safe/easy job?

We have a Scantronic 9448 alarm and think the battery in the control panel has gone as we cannot disable the alarm if the mains power is cut. Otherwise the alarm works fine.

Is this something I can safely and easily sort out myself? I am not massively 'handy' but at same time don't want to call someone out if this is a 5 minute job!

Also, should I turn off the mains power before I open the control panel and change the battery? I would prefer to keep it on as I don't want the alarm sounding the whole time, but I don't want to electrocute myself!


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Yes its very easy to do yourself, leave the mains turned on and open up the control panel lid via the 2 screws on the outside cover.
Remove the battery from the charging leads and connect the new battery on and carefully sit the battery back into the control panel.
replace the control panel lid and enter your code into the keypad to reset the lid tamper fault you will have displayed. All should be ok and well.
Please bear in mind there are live electrics within the control panel so please proceed with care and be sure not to touch any live wiring or terminals.


Answered 15th Jan 2013

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