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Im planning to have a few walls built and have been quoted ? x 1000 bricks layed can anyone give me a rough idea of what size a thousand bricks is

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The superficial area of brickwork equates to around 45 brick per sq meter for single brick work. 90 bricks per sq meter for double brick work. hope you have a better concept now
Regards ken


Answered 9th May 2011

If you measure 8 metres along and then 2 metres high this area will be aproximately 1000 bricks.


Answered 1st Jun 2011

around 20m2 4 inch work 10m2 9 inch work good guide per 1000 taking into account piers and type of bond ect


Answered 9th May 2011

1000 bricks will cover approx 17 square metres, this is on a 100mm bed, half it for a 225mm wall.


Answered 9th May 2011

hi, 1sq linear meter is 13.3 bricks high and 4.4 meters long, so this equates to 58.5 bricks per meter, this means a thousand bricks will cover 17 meters in 4 inch work or 8.54 meters in nine inch work.many thanks vince


Answered 9th May 2011

We calculate a m2 area of brickwork at 60 bricks , this works good upon estimating and allows for waste.
Chris Hackett
Touchstone Building Services


Answered 20th May 2011

You'll get 60 bricks to a m2, so a thousand bricks would come to 16.6 m2 hope that helps.


Answered 7th Jul 2011

you get 60 bricks to the m2 10 blocks to the m2 .

Paul Pearson RP& MA Pearson


Answered 30th May 2011

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