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Work required on grade ii listed cottage, s(w) london


We are in the process of buying a Grade II listed cottage in LB of Sutton. We think the house is going to need a rewire to meet modern standards, as well as requiring a new combination boiler (or similar). We'll need a new kitchen too at some point, as well as a new bathroom.

Question 1 is - what kind of budget will we need, and does any of that require listed building consent? Is it a case of getting the listed buildings planning officer round to inspect before commencing the work? If we can't afford it all in one go, what should we do first?

Question 2 - we would ideally like to remove an internal wall in the kitchen to make a bigger space. This is the kind of thing that requires listing consent?

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your first port of call should be your local counil listings officer,they will then advise you what you are able to do.
most things will require listings consent inside or out.
it is not really possible to give you a cost as I would need to know what the listings offecer required.
expect it to be expensive as you will only be able to use original materials like lime plaster for the inside walls,lime mortar for the outside walls,
if you then make a list of works reqired internally and externally this you can discuss with your local listings officer to see what they will allow and what materials it must be done in.
then put all your requirements in one application, their is generally no time limit on this type of works being carried out so an application for work being started now can last for as long as it takes to finnish without the need to re-apply for further consents although it will all need to be signed of.
I would check with your local listings officer if their is a time limit on work completion after application.

should you require any further information on dealing with listing just ask.

good luck alex


Answered 12th Jan 2013

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