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Best solution for removing dated artex look


We have an extended 4 bed bungalow with a kitchen, large lounge/diner and a hallway to bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The Artex which is in all but the bedrooms has to go!

In your view what is the best solution out of the following, or any other you can offer?

a) remove, patch repair existing plasterboard where needed and re-skim
b) make good loose Artex, apply bonding coat and over-skim
c) re-board directly over existing plaster and dryline or plaster
d) batten over existing ceiling, re-board and dryline or plaster

Pros and cons if you have the time to add would also be appreciated, specially regarding dryline versus plaster for c) and d) options.

I appreciate removal of existing ceiling and re-boarding is also an option but it seems a bit drastic and requires removal of loft insulation etc.

Many thanks and looking forward to your professional views.


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I would put your request on Post a Job and get good local plasterers to visit you.

You will get far better advice and answers to your questions than you will ever get on this forum and of course any quotes you get will reflect the level of work that actually needs doing.



Answered 9th May 2011

hi not all artex has asbestos in it but better to play safe and assume it has ..SO I TOTALLY DISAGREE WITH SOME OF THESE TRADESMAN TELLING YOU TO SCRAPE IT OFF.. THIS IS NOT ADVISABLE ..unless you get it checked ..two solutions 1.if artex not to thick its best to board over the top and skim and 2. if artex is thick then a coat of bonding plaster and a skim coat far as dry lining or skimming the latter is far better as you will get a much better finish {as long as you use a good plasterer}to paint ..


Answered 9th May 2011

artex can't be removed easily as it contains asbestos you can get a good plasterer who has done an accredited asbestos awareness course who will either board and skim or do a bonding coat then skim over the artex any plasterer who says he will scrape the artex back basicly is.nt worth the time of day asbestos kills even the slightest airborn particles can be serious to your health and believe me there are a lot out there who dont care about your or there own health only quick cash i hope this helps with your question


Answered 9th May 2011

The most effiecient way to solve your problem would be to flat of the artex and remove any flakey patches. Give it at least three coats of unibond to seal and reskim with two coats of plaster. It would give extra gevity by re-skrewing the existing plasterboards to the ceilings prior to skimming.Hope this helps
Regards Ken


Answered 9th May 2011

This problem soley lies with the thickness of the artex , if its broken leather , straight forward re-skim. If its a thick type of galaxy . I would use carlite bonding and level ceiling out , then re- skim . This is an easy job for a plasterer . No need to rip ceiling down , if artex is ok .
hope this helps
R Carrigan


Answered 26th May 2011

I Would defenetly over board ceiling then skim. re skim is the cheaper option, but in the long run overboarding is the better option. After time you might find that the extra weight of new plaster may pull on old artex bond and crack & even fall in places, plus you wont have to worry about an asbestos hazards if over boarded. hope this helps.


Answered 11th May 2011

I suggest Board over and skim



Answered 9th May 2011

most if not all artex i can cover.and will look as flat as a boarded ceiling.please call if you need more details and prices thanks.but i say 40 - 120 would cover all ceiling sizes


Answered 8th Aug 2011

Hi Tony.

Answer to your question is to re-skim over the artex. This involves removing any high bits of artex, pva coat artex then skim over.

It's very rare you have to replace or re-board on top first.

You would be looking approx at £400 Inc material. Obviously size matters!




Answered 9th May 2011

hi it needs scraping down taking off all the peaks then pva ing
then two thick coats of plaster


Answered 9th May 2011

hi be carefull with the old artex it can contain asbestos,i think its the nasty stuff aswell ,board and skim better than just skimming.


Answered 10th May 2011

hi there the best way to get rid off the artex is to scrape the artex down first then p.v.a and apply to coats off muliti finish.

hope this helps the cost would be starting at £150 upwards dependant on size

N.L.M Plastering Services


Answered 17th May 2011

Hi There,

The easiest and most time efficient option is to scrape heavier points or pattern from the artex, apply heavy coat of p.v.a (70/30 with water)and skim. Most plasterers on this site will have experience in this.



Answered 9th May 2011

Hi Tony, If the artex is sound then get a good plasterer to skim over it. How old is the artex. Old artex can contain asbestos, it was used in loads of stuff right up till the end of the eightys. Options c/d will cost more for nearly the same result.
Regards Roger


Answered 9th May 2011

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