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Loft - add 2nd boiler or not

I'm looking to extend into my loft in the very near future, the loft joists and rafters has already been prepared to accomodate 2 rooms, my question is;

Should I take the pipes needed to run an extra 4/5 Rads, en-suite (shower basin) from the existing system or should I contemplate on adding an additional boiler into the loft?

If new boiler should be used, what pipes would I need to be taken up.

I am not looking to do the work myself but need to understand my costings before I commit, would also need someone who would be interested in doing the work.


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A 2nd boiler should not be required, it all depends on the KW input of the boiler that is running your system at the moment.
The worst scenario would be that you have to install a new/more powerful appliance & possibly pump.
Regards Dan


Answered 11th Jan 2013

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