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Replacing wooden flooring with carpet

Hi there,

I'm looking at replacing the wooden flooring in our lounge with Carpet. The enginnered wooden flooring is about 10mm thick and the skirting was fitted on top of the flooring. I now want to fit carpet and was wondering whether it will be necessary when I remove the wooden flooring to fit new skirting board because of the 10mm gap. Would I get away with just fitting a 10 mm underlay and then carpet on top leaving the existing skirting board in place? I don't want the gap to show.

Any advice yuo can provide will be very much appreciated.

Rgds, Jason

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Hi Jason

Depending on the condition of your engineered floor and level of the lounge floor with the hall or any other rooms which may conect to the lounge you could leave it down as it is only 10mm thick and this will be a good flat smooth floor for your new carpet.

If the engineerd wood floor has to come up you should move the skirting down , or what i have done in the past when the customer does not want the hassle of re skirting and decorating is to use a thick carpet to fill the gap .

Hope this is of help

Michael Martin

Mike Martin floorings


Answered 10th Jan 2013

Hi I would leave your flooring down and carpet over the top as long as it's all solid and level as you don't want to remove the skirting and replace them plus you will need to decorate aswell which will be another exspence which you can avoid hope this helps
Stephen smith
Hippo building solutions


Answered 20th Nov 2018

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