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Artex ceilings

We are in the process of getting our Artex tested for asbestos as it is possible it is that old. Can someone give me some indication of what is the best option removal or skimming? And what the respective costs of each would be?


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I would recommend boarding over the top of the existing ceiling with new plasterboard and then plaster.Much cleaner and better for your health than removing or scraping the artex.There are probably going to be plasterers on here say you can pva the artex and skim over it but this isn't a great idea.Whilst this can work,i have seen numerous jobs done like this,only for all of the new plaster fall off.PVA is basically a wood glue!!!!!!! and plasterboard is as cheap as chips.Its a no brainer for me.


Answered 9th Jan 2013

Even if the Artex contains asbestos it won't cause you any problems if left in place provided it is not disturbed by drilling, sanding etc. It is very hard to remove. I would prime it with Feb Blubond or British Gypsum Bond-it then skim finish. Cost depends on the area involved, height of ceiling etc. Failing that I would overboard and skim or remove the ceiling and start again.


Answered 9th Jan 2013

scrape over and roll on 2-1 pva and let it dry in untill, sticky then simply skim over. shouldn't cost more than a few hundred to sort.


Answered 10th Jan 2013

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