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I have an area of my garden that i want concreting, it is 12ft by 14ft.roughly how much will someone charge to do it for me?

At the moment it is uneven soil.

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Hi Allison in response to your question; The infomation you have given is very limited, it would not be possible for anyone to give an exact costing to your project without actually seeing the site.
What a Builder would need to know before quoting for is
(A) The contours of the garden enabling to assess how much as to be dug out.
What is going to happen to the soil,clay, and debris is it staying on site or as the builder got to remove it. The access to the project he then can estimate as it got to be hand dug or can he use a machine to dig out.
(B) What is the concrete base been used for; pedestrian,patio,hardstanding for vehicle, or in deed at a later date to be built on with this information he would be able to assatain the different preperations that are needed and the different concrete depths and specifications he as to apply. All this information would help the builder in giving you a exact quotation of your project. Without this information it would lead to someone guessing a price you agreeing to it.The builder actually turning up on site to start work then him saying you didnt tell him this and you didnt tell him that. He would then adjust his price accordingly you wouldnt be happy thinking that he should have known what you meant been a builder and the confusion would continue. The other side of it is that the builder may without seeing the project over price the job to cover him self in which case you may think it is too expensive and not get your project done. I hope this assists you in getting your project completed without any hitches.
Regards Ken


Answered 9th May 2011

To give you an idea Allison you would be looking around the £1000 mark if laid to 200mm dept with reinforcement. Hope this helps


Answered 11th May 2011

Hi Allison
Our Price for concrete bases is £4 a square foot
Hope this helps


Answered 23rd Oct 2011

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