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Wet mdf under kitchen sink, how easy is it to replace?

We went away for a week and when we came back noticed a smell in the cupboard under the kitchen sink. There was mildew growing on the walls, which we cleaned off, but the smell, if anything, has got worse and worse. There doesn't seem to be a leak but there has been lots of condensation on the taps, and I'm thinking it might have soaked the base of the cupboard, which is MDF.
Does wet MDF stink? Could that be the source of the smell? It's so bad that it's really making me feel sick, and seems to be irritating my lungs too.
If so, how easy is it to replace the base of the unit, and what should it be replaced with?

Edited:> Thank you for the response, Martin. Is there a way of simply cutting out the base board and replacing it? I know the source of the moisture needs to be dealt with but in the short term I just desperately want the mildew and smell out of the house! We are thinking of replacing all our kitchen units very soon but it will take some time to choose and order them and have them installed. In the meantime, would there be any harm in just using a circular saw or something to remove the offending piece of MDF?

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Hi Erica
Firstly there may still be a leak behind the base unit as the pipes probably disappear behind it but if there's not then there is a ventilation issue which is causing the condensation. Once the unit is wet the mildew will stay until the unit is replaced and the source of the moisture is removed. As for replacing the base unit the sink will need to be removed and any pipes that will stop the new unit from being fitted. Once this is done the old unit can be unscrewed and slid out and a new one slid in then you can reconnect the sink and pipes However this can only be done once the moisture problem has been stopped or the mildew will return.


Answered 8th Jan 2013

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