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Mould in bathroom

We've lived in a new build for 2 years now. Unfortunately the extractor fan in the bathroom stopped working for about 8 months (we've only just had it fixed now). There is a bit of mould on the grouting around the bath but it's not that much and we wouldn't want to completely regrout it. What's the best thing to get rid of the existing mould or cover it up?

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Elbow grease is the best thing to get rid of it - seriously. Don't cover it up... it will keep growing! Just use some bathroom cleaner and an abrasive cloth or scrubbing brush. It's hard work, but you should see results quickly. If after a while you're still not shifting it, there's a few products you can buy from a decent tiling shop that will help (they tend to be acid based so be careful using it and don't leave it on for too long as it will start to attach the grout).

If after all that, you still arn't happy, consider scraping away the top layer of grout using a grout 'rake' which will cost a few quid at a tiler's merchants. You can usually use one of these to scrape away the top couple of mm's of grout if it is really badly discoloured, leaving a fresh grout and without the need to refill the grout lines (a bit like when people sand down old floorboards to get to the newer wood).

All of this can be quite laborious, boring and fiddly, but it can make your bathroom look like new with just half a day's solid work. I do it quite often in bathrooms where people are happy with the existing tiles and don't want to spend a fortune brightening the place up.

Good luck, and put your back into it! ;-)


Answered 8th Jan 2013

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