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Approximate kva requirements for flats

I am filling out UK Power Network's forms for a quotation to provide power to 8 flats. The purpose of the application is to get a 'ball park' figure for the cost of their supply/install. [Eight flats, one landlords supply & one platform lift supply].

The flats are 2 bedroomed units with underfloor heating and hot water provided by an all electric Exhaust Air Heat Pump system [by NIBE Ltd]. NIBE state these units require 40A each.

Please could anyone give me an idea what the kVA requirement would be for each flat?

I saw in some previous advice that EDF put in a 100 kVA head as standard, does this have any relevance to an answer to my question?

Thank for your help

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For eight flats that typically would have a 100amp single phase supply for each, you'd be looking at around 220kVA in total (i.e approx 27.5 kva per flat) The kVA for the landlords supply is negligble and can be ignored.


Answered 7th Jan 2013

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