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Gully has air vacuum

Dear Forum,

PS - is it possible there can be too many things using 1 gully?

I have;

1 washing machine (upstairs flat via outside waste pipe)
bathrom sink

My gully keeps 'filling up'. I had a drain unblocking guy round but there was no blockage. When we lifted up the insert to the gully, the water hissed and drained away. It appears though there was a air pressure problem. This problems returns every week, and I have to keep lifting the insert to remove the pressure.

I have also noticed my soil stack has no vent pipe. The toilet flushes but the water builds up and siphons out. The water flushing isn't replaced by new water simultaniously as it should do.

My question is; If I get a vent pipe fitted, will this cure the issue of my gully not fuctioning property? and sort the toilet flushing out?

The property was renovated by a (clearly) sub-standard builder prior to me buying it.

2 Answers from MyBuilder Plumbers

It's impossible to say it will cure it but every soil pipe needs a vent and the vent is to stop air locks!


Answered 7th Jan 2013

every property has to have a vent pipe which finishes higher than any plumbing such as a toilette. on the 1st floor By the sounds of it, it would be simplest to connect a branch off your soil stack and continue vertically to roof level. or you could get an air admittance valve fitted


Answered 8th Jan 2013

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