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Fitting quotes - whats reasonable?

Hi, had 2 kitchen plans done, one with Magnet and one with Wrens. Kitchens come out roughly the same, Wrens £3200, Magnet £3500. On top of that Wrens have quoted £1700 to fit and Magnet £1550. The fit is minimal plumbing/electrics as all appliances remaining in the same place and the kitchen is 10 units. Neither quote includes tiling but includes removal of old units. Both companies supply ready assembled units. Are these reasonable? Any advice welcome!

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if you can get a handy man to do your kitchen for 700 i wish you luck .


Answered 6th Jan 2013

Those prices are about right for those guys. Remember they take a cut of the fitting charge as a matter of course. You mave be able to shave a little bit off by using a local fitter, but not much. No skilled kitchen fitter would do it for 700. Especially as we all mitre and joint worktops professionally. Good luck


Answered 7th Jan 2013

I would say both prices for labour are a bit hefty, but this is what you get from such big companies. I would maybe recommend you bought the kitchen and possibly got in touch with a local tradesman to give you a price on labour. For something like this I would charge about £700 ( if all materials are supplied ) hope this has maybe helped you in this situation.

Response to the man below. Sorry but this is what I usually charge I have fitted a lot of kitchens in my time . Just because I'm glistened as a handyman doesn't mean we can't fit kitchens I actually run a successful property renovation company sp please don't take no notice of this probably overprice joiner ! And there isn't problem with that price as I am qualified and like to give customers a fair price ! But if everyone else is like them two below you will never find anyone cheaper


Answered 7th Jan 2013

Both companies take a profit on the fitting price = but for this they take the liabilities for their sub contractors so although it seems expensive it takes away a lot of stress if anything goes wrong. That said a good reputable fitter will have references and will be a little cheaper. We have a flat rate of 1200 pound for a moderate kitchen as a guide. building services


Answered 11th Jan 2013

Hi to fit a kitchen today a kitchen fitter would be around 1000 to 1400. if i can help you with any more advice ?


Answered 16th Jan 2013

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