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Ho to do a concrete kitchen floor

Hi there're Howe some one can give me a bit of help heare.
I have dug out my concrete kitchen floor because it was massively uneven and cracking all over and damp in places. I have only got the concrete out so far and in places it was about 4" and others only about 2" deep it is straight on top of soil. So I am wanting to know the proper depth I should be digging out for.
As in do I need hardcore or just well compacted soil if hardcore how deep?
Sand how deep
Then dpm
Insulation how thick best type.
Then concreted how thick.
Please advise. Thanks

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If I was specifying a new floor for an extension it would be in the following order - 150mm consolidated and sand blindered hardcore, 1200 gauge DPM continuous to DPC, 75mm insulation (subject to perimeter / area ratio) and 100mm concrete up to required level. Some people like to finish the concrete about 50mm below required level and use screed to finish floor as it levels better. If you look on different insulation sites, they specify the different insulation methods and give diagrams to assist.


Answered 6th Jan 2013

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