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New flat roof leaking . can we ask for money back or except another repair attempt?

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It sounds like your contractor has already tried to repair the new roof . I would give him one more chance to do it properly then if that doesn't cure it tell him you don't think the roof is fit for purpose and you want your money back.
Perhaps then consult a surveyor about the roof & get them to record the problems and give an indication of how the roof should be repaired/renewed. Then write to your contractor attaching the surveyors comments asking for a full refund including the surveyors costs as you are no longer confident that he can make the roof waterproof. You should then find yourself a good contractor off this site & don't pay anything until the work is complete , tested & you are totally satisfied and have a written guarantee.
If the contractor cures the leak make sure you get a warranty off him anyway!


Answered 5th Jan 2013

Sale of Goods Act - is it fit for purpose and as described - it would probably be through small claims court, document and photograph everything with dates ect. Get independent roofers to write a quote with problems and discuss with your roofer to see if you can agree an amicable resolve before pursing further.

Read, digest and use the Act and do not let him waffle his way out of it.

Best of luck



Answered 19th Jan 2013

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