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How do i prep a handrail before varnishing?

Want to varnish my handrail for my staircase. It has been in situ fr quite a while and I want to now varnish it. I am conscious of the possible grease on the handrail. How should I prep the handrail before varnishing so that any grease does not cause me a problem.

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The best way to ensure no grease and to get the maximum smooth effect that you would want is to wipe over the lot with a rag and a bottle of whitespirt/turps, this will remove any grease/residue that could effect the varnish finish. Then rub softly in the direction of the grain in the wood with a good quality wire wool. This will ensure that there are no sanding marks in the grain of the wood. Hope this helps!

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Answered 9th Jan 2013

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