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Tide mark damp on my party wall

I live in a terraced house and 12 months ago i noticed a damp tide mark in my vestabule on the party wall , over the last 12 months that damp tide mark has spread in to my living room on the same wall and is getting worse everytime it rains.I keep my house very well maintained. (i haved no problem with my skirting boards being rotten).

The house next door to me is a rented propery which is riddled with damp and not well maintained. The chimney needs emergency pointing also the stone gutters is in need of emergency pointing. The tennents left the house yesterday as they could not cope anymore with the damp i.e leak in the bedroom ceiling also damp patches all over the chimney breast in the bedroom.(which they showed me)

could this possible be the cause of my damp on my downstairs wall.

I have also suffered from a very bad damp problem in my bedroom on the other side of my party wall and having to recal the cavity wall people to check it out for (as this only appeared 9 months after having it done) They told me everything was ok with the work carried out and told me that my next doors gutter were badly blocked. They have now had there gutters cleared and there down pipe fixed and to my amazement my damp problem has dried out.

So I have learnt through this that it could be somebody elses problem causing you one. that is why I am asking could the other side be causing my damp problem on my wall in my living room by needing badly pointing.
thank you for your answers in advance.

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in answer to your question yes next doors total disregaurd to water penetration from the roof ,chimney and gutters could be causing your dampness problem, without looking it is impossible to say for sure but would defenitley start their. most dampness is caused by water ingress from above.

good luck


Answered 10th Jan 2013

Hi there
It does sound like you have rising damp,if its on a party wall maybe they did have some damp works carried out which has then pushed the damp on to your side although you should have been notified of the works the only other way that next door has caused your damp is if they have a leaking water pipe, central heating or mains which is affecting the walls.


Answered 3rd Jan 2013

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