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Aluminum windows

Looking at buying house which has alluminum windows. The Window glass is fine not misted but would prefer UPVC. Can I just replace the frames or do I have to replace whole unit?

House is going to cost a bit to fix so don't want to spend a fortune on replacing windows that are in reasonable condition just don't look as nice as UPVC.

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The glass units are made to fit the system they were made for. The chances they would fit a different system especially in upvc would be highly unlikely. Even if a this was possible the glass units could fail the next day after installation due to there age there for any installers of upvc would not carry this work out as could be liable to have to replace the glass units.


Answered 19th Jan 2013

I would agree with Quality Seal Windows. The glass fits the system. I would be wary of any company that agrees to do this as its unlikely you would get a decent window and unlikely to get a guarantee with them. Trying to reuse the glass means it could be sooner rather than later you would need to replace them and throw good money after bad as they say. Try to find a company that would let you replace a window at time to help with budget (I have an old house so I know the money pits they can be) which means you could focus on the front so it looks nicer. This is something we do for our customers - it allows them to pick and choose which windows they want to do. Here's something else to think about - if you put new windows in and the glass is okay in the aluminium you could always try selling them on Ebay - you'd be surprised at the number of people who look for odd bits of glass for home projects. Might take a while but means it wouldn't be a total loss.


Answered 22nd Jan 2013

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