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Is it acceptable to dot and dab insulated plasterboard onto an external brick wall or is timber/metal frame better suited to the job? Should the brick wall be coated with anything (membrane/bonding) prior to installation?

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you can drill and screw it into the brickwork, using masonary screws hold the board against the wall and drill to depth and screw in with masonary screws, you.ll need an hex screwbit for the masonary screws which you can get from toolstation or screwfix. its a cheaper way of doing it ifthe wall is level. if the wall is not level then id only do it by using 3x2 wood and building a frame, its advised not to dot and dab insulated boards directly to brickwork.


Answered 2nd Jan 2013

If you look at the celotex, kingspan or other insulation website, they will give detailed instruction of what size board to use and how to fit it. The dot and dab method is a recommended way of installation. If you are having to comply with building regulations, there is specific u value you will have to achieve.
Hope that helps.


Answered 2nd Jan 2013

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