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How do i fix a difficult to close window due to bowing bricks?

I had my double glazed windows replaced in my bungalow, there are 4 courses of bricks above the window. The bricks appear to be bowing downwards onto the window making the top closer hard to open and close.
What needs to be done to fix this.

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Your double Glazing Cowboys should have pointed this out to you when pricing for the work As they are required to.
Get back in touch with them


Answered 2nd Jan 2013

It sounds as if the lintol over the window is no longer holding the weight of the brick work and roof causing excess stress on your window frames.


Answered 1st Jan 2013

Sounds like there is no lintel above window. So needs one going in. not a massive job but will a good few hundred pounds


Answered 1st Jan 2013

Probably no lintol . So to resolve install new lintol and brickwork . 1 days work and materials ,probably £300 to £350


Answered 2nd Jan 2013

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