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Living room damp problem

In my living room 'above' my window from the ceiling to near the window opening there is a very mild damp patch it only seems to show when we have had very bad wind and rain, which w have has over the previous few days. The patch is about 30 cm in height and 20 cm wide . I went to the room above my bedroom and there is no wet patch. Is this indicated that rain is leaking from my roof in to my cavity wall? Or somemat else

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it does sound like you need your roof/guttering checked. if the problem is low down on the roof then yes it is very possible that water would then run down your cavity to where it is hitting the lintol over the window and showing there


Answered 1st Jan 2013

their could be any number of reasons for this happening, pointing,leaking guttering.pipe,failed gutter felt,overhanging tile.without looking at this it is immpossible to say.your best bet is post it on the site and get a local expert out the check the cause and the cost of repair.


Answered 2nd Jan 2013

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