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Is sagging bitumen a problem?

I am considering buying a property, however when we looked in attic they haven't used timber or sterling board sarking, they have used bitumen insulation board,20 year old kit house.This is now sagging down from roof and in places has came away from the rafters altogether, exposing the felt, the tiles are then on top of this. Is this a major problem, as I don't think the sheets will go back onto the trusses? There is not any leaking.Any advice as my wufe really likes the house

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this is not a problem just more of an inconvenience. this system was seen as an in between of a sarking roof and an open rafter roof system which most people do away with when they recover their roof. any sagging boarding can be taken away from between trusses if it is causing too much of an inconvenience.


Answered 1st Jan 2013

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