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Which windows to put in our new house????

We are building a new house and we are so confused about the windows - we have been advised by loads of people to go for Rehau - thats fine but 60 or 70 mm profile????? The cost id very similare so what is best please

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Rehau are one of 3 of the best and top suppliers in the window industry with over 40years. I use Spectus systems which are over 25years and one of the best with a 70mm profile, I have fitted Rehau and in my experience Spectus beats them by far, my profile shows the Spectus windows. 60mm profile gives you the same style of window with a 28mm glazing apperture but with less plastic in the depth of the system whereas 70mm gives all of the above and maximum strength which in my opinion is best. So my advice is 70mm profile. Please feel free to view my profile, pics and feedbacks and contact sholud you require any further help. Thanks for reading!


Answered 31st Dec 2012

Hi there,
All windows now have energy ratings A, B or C ( A being the best ) which are made up of the frame type and the glass type, so careful consideration is required.
Pvc-u Window and door frames are all L sections. The sizes refer to the depth ( front to back ) and the width of the profile ( left to right ). You should ideally be looking to have a minimum depth of 70mm ( 60mm cost cutting for comercial projects ). and the norm is 60 mm width.
Multi chambered frames can increase heat loss and bevelled or featured contours are the what is available
Tripple glazing is and will become even more popular and demanding as savings are becoming a necessity.
Once your home has been built ( at least to lintol height ) your chosen installer
can take exact measurements and working with the builder he can assertain which width of frame is required ( important )
Any other queries please get in touch
Regards John


Answered 2nd Jan 2013

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