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A question for all you Heating engineers out there desperate to get back to work! ;)
I have a newish Warmflow external oil combi boiler that has basically stopped working - I had a shower this morning and it worked fine. Went down stairs to do some washing up and no hot water.
Went to look at the boiler - no noise from the boiler just a few lights on:
The lockout light was on and the high limit thermostat reset light was also on.
The funny thing is neither feel as though they've been tripped.
I've pressed the reset button on the burner, but no joy, pressed also the high temp reset button - that just feels loose, as though it hasn't been tripped.
Could it be an electrical fault somewhere?
Any help would be much appreciated!
ps I'm in Lincolnshire.

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High limit stat may be scaled up,get a qualified insured engineer to service your boiler


Answered 16th Sep 2013

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