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Leaking from first floor ceiling, whats the cause?

Have a question about a leak coming from first floor bathroom ceiling. We noticed water coming down from the bathroom ceiling onto the floor recently. Our ensuite shower room is directly above it and it appears to leak when we use it, however the strange thing is that it doesn't seem to be leaking every time it's used, but mainly when it is used for a longer time? We recently had the tiles around the shower regrouted as that seemed to be the obvious solution to what we thought was water escaping through dissolved/cracked grout - however again we noticed leaking this morning? Now really confused as surely if it were a pipe, waste or otherwise surely it would leak every time?

Any advice or input would be much appreciated.

1) Thanks Mario for the feedback..actually have already got someone in to redo the silicon seals and grouting around the shower and despite this there still seems to be an issue although as I said it doesn't appear to leak EVERY time but seems to be dependent on time spent in the shower which leads me to believe either the last plumber didn't do a proper job or the water is escaping from another source?

Btw why do you mention the waste trap as a potential cause? Thanks.

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Dear plumbum_34,

There are multiple reasons/causes, 1) your waste trap from the shower tray, 2) the silicone seal around the shower tray might letting water through, your supply water pipes might leaking water, your grouting might be letting water through.

Have tried running the shower by just holding the shower head over the waste, if not please do.

Kind regards, MarioThePlumberfromHorning.

Ps. The reason I mention the trap is because this could be a potential source of water leaking and or the waste pipes connected to it. Now you have mentioned the grouting and the sealing has been done, there has to another source, i.e. are there water pipes or central heating pipes running under the floor. Final thing to do is open up the floor boards, run the shower and see what happens. Good Luck !!


Answered 14th Jan 2013

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