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Underlay under an already laid felt back carpet

Can a Treadaire underlay be glued to concrete under a felt backed carpet with no gripper rods. (a family member bought the carpet in a shop in Holloway Road who told him it had a "built in underlay"??? and because it was felt back, it didnt need grippers or a seperate underlay and it was just stuck straight to the floor which is concrete. The carpets been down since May and has not runched up or anything, it's just very cold to walk on and theres a bit of airborne noise that travels up to my flat. I was told in 2 different carpet shops that if done properly it can work being glued/stuck down? just wanna double check. thanks

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Yes they are right it can be done i would use a cloud 9 contract underlay made for double stick ( underlay stuck to floor carpet stuck to underlay )

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Answered 11th Jan 2013

You can glue underlay down then glue the carpet to the underlay (durafit)
Make sure underlay is glued to the concrete all over (tackifier)
then use F3 glue to cover underlay and stick carpet down.
If both parts are not stuck allover then you will start to get bubbles.
Cut a 1/2 inch gap around the edge of the underlay and the carpet will tuck in for a neat finish.


Answered 25th May 2019

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