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3 bar halogen light randomly broke

I was in the works of just simply changing the bulb in my room and the socket started to push back (I'm wondering if this is cause of the problem) and I managed to get the bulb into the socket and then the second bulb blew and the new bulb did not work nethier. I'm wondering if this can be a simple fix or would I need a sparkie to come have a look.

Thanks for the advice everyone! I really do appreciate the advise. I'm getting a electrician to switch a 3 bar halogen light to a 4 bar one this Tuesday and it's only gonna cost me 35


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It sounds like when you have inserted the new bulb into the socket the wiring behind has shorted out the wiring from the other bulb holder thus cutting he power.
I would recommend you get someone out to take a look at it, you might be better off just replacing it as the labour charge could easily supersede the cost of a new light fitting.
If you live within 5 miles of Liverpool I would gladly take a look at It for you free of charge providing you hire me to do the remedial work if required.
Kind Regards
PSD Electrical


Answered 31st Dec 2012

Hi by the information you have given it sounds like the fitting has broken internally.What has probably happened is one/some of the live wires inside have been pushed/pulled out of there connections. Most sparkies will not repair this most will advise you to get a new fitting but you might find one that will.


Answered 30th Dec 2012

You fuse board breaker would have tripped when this happened. Get a local sparky should cost about £40 to rectify


Answered 5th Jan 2013

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