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Kitchen ceiling with cracks

We are looking to get our kitchen ceiling plastered, it doesn't look the best. Almost like the previous owners did it them self. Ie swirls etc, but not in a pattern.

We have a crack going from one side of the kitchen to the other, in places it's like a small lip. I've filled the crack in and there doesn't appear to be much more movement. Would this just be re-plastered ?

We are looking to sell the house just tidying it up as we don't want spend a fortune.

Any help would be great.


After plasterworks post, we have coving in the kitchen, would it still be possible to re-board? What's the finest plasterboard you can get?

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Hi there
Because you have a lip on the crack this shows that the plaster has come away you might get away with scrim and skim but it will crack again
when is difficult to say ,its a gamble or pay for a re-board over the top and skim


Answered 30th Dec 2012


if you wish to reboard or overboard the ceiling, the coving will need to come down before you start if the artex is starting to peel away for the ceiling its game over anyway!, best way to go with artex ceilings is to remove or overboard or scrap all the artex off not easy or cheap..but over skimms are always a nightmare

Best regards


Answered 11th Jan 2013

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