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What's the quickest way to fix holes behind skirting board?

We've decided to redecorate our bedroom and replace the existing skirting boards too. We've taken them off today and behind them is an appalling sight, there are huge holes behind the skirting in places, and other places have just been loosely packed with random pieces of wood off cuts.

We desperately need to get this repaired before replacing our new skirting.

Can anybody offer some advice on the cheapest/quickest method.

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Hi, I would be reluctant to use plaster on an external wall if it is a solid wall.
Plaster can attract moisture. So if you must , use sand and cement.
There is nothing wrong with the timber packers which are behind the skirting
board. It may look unsightly when exposed but is not visible when skirting is refitted.
I would leave it in the hands of a carpenter.
Don't worry about this , all skirting used to be fixed in this manner
I have been working in this trade for 35 years.
Charlie Bates


Answered 30th Dec 2012

Hi, I would use 'hardwall' it's a type if gypsum plaster that can be applied thick, easy to do, you'll need a trowell.
Im assuming skirting will completely cover holes?


Answered 29th Dec 2012

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