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Rebuilding a crumbling partition wall...

I have an internal partition wall which is crumbling (blown lime mortar).

Currently no plaster on it (I'm in the middle of a restoration). I'd like to salvage the brick which is expensive for use elsewhere so will be rebuilding with new brick/block.

It isn't load bearing itself, but is (or at least it should be!) laterally restraining a wall which IS bearing load - so I want to replace with brick/block rather than just build a stud wall.

- What steps should I take when deconstructing the old wall?

- Someone (experienced but not a builder) recommended I come down at 45 degrees from the upper corners, (so when finished the new would look like a V in the old brick) but this defeats the point - existing bricks are pulling out at the wall ends which needs sorting - is it OK to deconstruct all the way to the floor?

- If I take down the complete wall and rebuild with block, what pattern of brickwork should I use at the ends in order to tie the existing walls to the new blockwork?

- What mix should I use to get the correct strength mortar (I understand that due to the possible movement of the old 1920s house, I should use a weak mortar??)

Thanks for any help you can offer


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There is a couple of things you can do...... Frist is to prop the wall that the failed wall is supporting, then knock the wall down if you don't want to remove the bricks that are tied into the other wall cut them flush with the wall,rebuild brick/block wall using a mix 4 to1,then use a drill and fix method you can do this by using starter bars or L ties this method stops you from wreaking the other wall by removing bricks, and tie the new wall into existing wall every 450mm
As for using weak mortar this will not help as u need the new wall to be strong enough to support old wall as well as its owning weight.


Answered 11th Jan 2013

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