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Do i need steels or a timber beam?

Hi, I'm looking to knock through a supporting wall that is on a single storey flat roof extension in a 1930s bungalow. The gap will be 3.3 meters and as far as I can work out the extension was done over 2 phases...each extension side by side as the bungalow was extended out towards the back garden, the wall is 300 mm wide. Do I definitely need steels or will a timber beam do the job?
Thanks. Mike

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You will need to speak to a structural engineer and get a calculation done. As it is a bungalow, a flitch beam may be suitable which consists of 2 timbers with a steel plate between. You should also talk to your local authority building control as an application should be submitted for this work.


Answered 29th Dec 2012

Hi would put in a rsj a good building suppliers should be able to tell you the size you need if not a structural engineer will be the 1 to call
all the best


Answered 16th Jan 2013

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