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Can tie beams be left in place when doing a loft conversion?

Thanks for answering my questions in particular the last one as I could not find an answer for it anywere. I do not know how the new floor level is raised but at least I now know that it is possible.
Thanks again for the your replies.

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The tie beams should be left in wherever possible as they are an integral part of the roof structure, but it depends on the head height underneath which needs to be around 2mtr. You should have it checked out by a structural engineer to see if you can keep them or if not what you install to replace them to ensure the roof structure remains stable.

It sounds like the beams you are referring to are there to stop the ceiling joists twisting and could be removed & replaced by thin metal strapping or timber cut to fit between the ceiling joists not above. They are only placed above the ceiling joists normally for ease of fitting & because they do not interfere with anything until you want to deck out on top of the ceiling joists for loft storage or conversion. Any structural engineer will be able to advise you at very low cost or you could ask any reputable local builder from this website to be certain before you start work.

No reason why not , it just means raising the new floor level above the top of the ties , the void created would be useful for any other wiring or plumbing needed for the loft conversion & it would allow you to leave the existing insulation in place.

You would almost certainly need to fit stronger new timber joists to carry the new floor , so they could be fitted above the tie beams if the structure allows it so they do not interfere with the existing tie beams


Answered 10th Jan 2013

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