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What would glue small pebbles to a concrete base externally (has to be waterproof and translucent when dry).

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Im quite confident in saying you would never ever get any glue to give you a perminent fixture. There is not enought surface area on the pebble to secure the pebble to the base. The correct solution would be to screed the floor area using a sharp sand and cement and position the pebbles in the screed as you go. I hope this helps good luck


Answered 8th May 2011

I havent come across any glue that could gaurantee to hold the pebbles down for long, not enough surface area.
In hindsight, the best way would have been to lay your concrete, when setting place the pebbles where needed and bed/press them down with a plastic/wooden float.


Answered 9th May 2011

Resin bonded aplications is the answer to your question, have a look at this link.

This is just one that I found on the net, I imagine there are other suppliers and manufactures, it just takes a little research.


Answered 1st Jun 2011

Not to sure but if you go to you local hardware store you can buy an apoxy resin 2 part glue that can stick almost anything just read the labels to see which one as they cover different types (wood, plastic, etc) maybe good for decorative purpose but not for walking over, also dries clear.


Answered 9th May 2011

One way U can bring out the pebbles (as long as they are not to large) or pea shingle is to mix them with cement neat, make a frame around the area U want to cover and pour the mix into the shutter, then keep trowling the surface water off as it rises until U have a nice flat finish and the stones are dominant to the top, leave to set for a couple of days and it should look like a pebble floor? Im almost sure there is nothing on the market that can make the finish translucent, but things are popping up every day lol. on the method i have dicribed it was and still is used around the edge of buildings using differant materials and was polished up?
Like some Polished stone Floor entrances to a lot of older buildings a lot cheaper than marble. Why dont U try it first make a little shutter and just enough material to fill it and see how it comes out? U dont loose anything then? well just a few quid and some of ur time. PS make sure U wash the stones well before they are used! Good Luck.


Answered 18th May 2011

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