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Converting a garage into a usable room

We currently have a garage which is built into the property, and were thinking of converting it into a usable room such as a dining room and wondered what the average cost of such a conversion would be?

Just really looking for an average of costs and work involved for such a conversion. At the moment the garage is used as a storage area - so it makes sense to convert it into a usable room rather than a wasted space.

It might be that we decide to add a downstairs WC to this area also.

Also, do you need to get permission from the local authority to get this type of conversion done?

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Hi I recently did this for a family member for an extra bedroom. The garage he had was a 12x8 sectional garage and cost in total around 1200 in materials and took about 7 days. Before we did any of it we made sure all holes and cracks were sealed properly so no damp could get in and then we layed damp coursing all around the garage and built 3x2 frame over it all we used well treated wood as well. The floor, ceiling and walls were framed out insulated with Kingspan - we used plaster board for the walls and used treated OSB for the floors (very well treat all timber and sheet wood) we also removed a section from the garage for the door (upvc) to save money we did not plaster the walls and ceiling we just used round edged plasterboard and jointing compound all electrics was carried out by a friend but all we did was go from the consumer unit in the house and put a mother one in the garage and then decorated and fitted a vent in the door to prevent mould ecs. Hope this helps you and maybe sheds a little light on this. Also if its being converted into a room you will need to contact the local council for council tax reasons. Kind regards


Answered 30th Jan 2013

Firstly check with the council to see if converting the garage door into a window requires planning. Normally it does not, but some properties have permitted development restrictions meaning that a planning application would be required. Converting a garage requires a building regulation application.
Can't help you with the cost I am afraid.


Answered 29th Dec 2012

Like any project which involves any structural work or change of appearance
from the outside , you will need to contact building control and possibly employ a structural engineer to specify steel beams. Al;so insulation is major concern of
building control.
Costs impossible to assess without some kind of spec.


Answered 13th Jan 2013

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