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Rotten joists

Hi there,

Anyone there who is able to have a look at a couple of photos of rotten joists (would need an email address to send them to if anyone is willing)?
Just bought a property (first floor flat) and after pulling up floor boards due to 'bounce' found 2 joists fully eroded close to wall. There is no sign of fungus and damp. Quite the opposite - totally dry/dusty and 'old'. May have been in the past but certainly not now. Looking for pausible explanations of root cause from those more knowledgeable than myself. If anyone can help I'd be very grateful.
Kind Regards

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Hi Ewan

Yes i will take a look, please send pic's to

Kind regards



Answered 24th Dec 2012

Send pics to me ill have a look but from how you describe it being very dry and dusty it could be dry rot.


Answered 25th Dec 2012

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