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Chimnet breast getting wet, is the stack causing it?

Hi. My stack is soaking wet. I had two repairs over the 10 years of being inside the home, but only made it a little better. I had enough and had a full re roof in aug this year, with new lead and soakers all around, and pointing/capped done on the stack. Now the wet signs are all over the stack, worse it has ever been. Is it the stack?, as the roofer said that it will not be the roof, but just seams a little strange when it has been better without the pointing/capping done etc. Update :- many thanks. I have removed the chimney now and tiled over. !0 years of heartache done in 1 day. All drying now.

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Sounds like the cement on top of the chimney that seals the pot has had it.
If you knock a brick out from a room and put a mirror and torch in you will see it running and from where.

I had to do this in frustration after 10 years of a wet patch and no-one could fix it. It isnt fixed yet but i know the problem and can monitor it.


Answered 25th Dec 2012

It could be a poor job completed last time which did not fix the true cause.

However the coping/flaunching may be porous or the DPC beneath failed. If the chimney is not in use condider removal; but ensure that it us kept ventilated in the room it serves.

Consider changing pots to prevent vertical ingress.

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Answered 12th Jan 2013

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