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Led lights

Hi all We had a garage converted in 2007 by a cowboy builder...fitted 12 downlights which kept over heating. This summer we had new kitchen fitted and fuse board plus had these lights changed to Led lights....Problem is 5 have blown already and electrician came yesterday to replace and one has blown again today. 6 work from 1 switch and the other 6 (ones that have blown) work from another switch...they just tell us it's bad luck, but surely this isn't the case??? Not cheap are they and can't afford replacing these every please :0)

thanks for your replies....the bulbs are carrot GU10 and are under warrenty, but just a hassle of calling electrician out as would rather know why it is happening.

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When you say expensive how expensive? if your talking less than £10 each then its cheap LED's buy decent Osram or Phillips they are about £30 each but far far better.

Just because there are six LED lamps on one switch, even wired by cowboys does not cause lamps to blow. It can only be faulty or poor quality lamps. Buy Phillips or Osram, the rest of the stuff is just chinese junk.


Answered 24th Dec 2012

Hi I recently had the same problem with GU10 led lamps from a main supplier and found out that they had a problem with their transformers but dont make this public knowledge and sometimes when the transformers blow they go big time and take out all lamps on the same switch. They claim to have sorted out the problem but I used another supplier to replace the lamps on this particular job, a little more expensive but no more problems. It sounds like you are having the exact same problem. By the way Both suppliers I used have a full 2yr warranty on lamps so replacement was free of charge.
(The reason I used a different supplier was to ensure that my customer would not get any more faulty lamps that were still in the system.)
If you are having to supply your own lamps check out
Hope this helps-Kevin.


Answered 22nd Dec 2012

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