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Hi can someone out there tell me the best white silicon to use around the inside of windows ?
our new windows have been fitted just over a year but the silicon around then has all gone black, especially in the bathroom.

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the best window fitters dont use silicone inside, There is a product called small gap filler by ARBO, this looks like silicone but when it sets it is rock hard and stays white, hope this helps...


Answered 23rd Dec 2012

We'll Silicone is used to seal externally. Good companys would usualy trim off inside with a fillet bead unless window goes up to tiles then a good silicone would be one with an anti fungal incorporated into it.
Everbuild 500 silicone is available in 5 different colours.
We do have a trade shop and sell and post out


Answered 2nd Jan 2013

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