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Tripping rcb

My RCB is tripping when I turn on the MCB for my living room sockets. The MCB is not tripping. I have replaced the MCB and the problem persists. The obvious route of the problem is an external junction box that I fitted as a temporary solution for outside security that has got wet in the rain. This junction box leads back to a socket that is on the upstairs socket circuit, and not the one that is causing the problem; the upstairs circuit is not tripping anything.

I have removed all plugs from sockets. ny ideas?

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The reason that the RCD is tripping is that there is a small live to earth fault on the circuit, could be earth leakage from an appliance thats plugged in. Try unplugging everything on the circuit and see if it will reset then.


Answered 21st Dec 2012

Sorry at this point you are at the stage of calling in an electrician to locate and rectify the fault.


Answered 21st Dec 2012

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