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Replacing old wired fuses with a new circuit breaker

I have an old 5,10,15 30amp wired fuse box. Is it possible to replace just the wired fuse cartridges with a new circuit breaker without replacing the complete box. I have limited funds available, is this possible? Rob

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There is no point doing this as you will still not have RCD protection, you can get a 17th edition fuse box for £50 with all MCBOs, you will be paying about 12 + vat each to get circuit breaker to fit your old box, you could do this but you will just be wasting money in the long run

I Parker Electricals


Answered 20th Dec 2012

If its a wylex domino type board then yes you can retro-fit pug in style BSEN60898 circuit breakers. The board will however not have any RCD protection to reduce electric shock risk.

Best bet is to get three quotes from registered electricians (NICEIC, ECA, etc) and then save up and get the whole unit chnaged. The extra cost of an RCD which could literally save your life is worth paying a bit extra for.


Answered 20th Dec 2012

No you can replace this with circuit breakers which still wouldn't bring it up to date with the regulations or give it adequate protection if a fault does occur. the thing that you might be able to do is put a seperate enclosure and rcd before the board and then add mcb's and you will have to get the installation tested for faults/corroded cables. To be honest you will be just as well sticking a new board in probably not a massive difference as you can get them reasonably cheap now


Answered 20th Dec 2012

Yes you can. They are available at selected electrical outlets. There is a adaptor that you can fit into the old BS3036 fuses. You should fit an RCD if the there has been any changes to the existing electrical Installation.

David Bate
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Answered 20th Dec 2012

You don't need to replace it if its working fine and you are not carrying out any major electrical upgrade. If its not broken don't fix. It's not a problem. If you are worried carry out a full testing and inspection of the property and then decide if it is necessary to change it.


Answered 5th Jan 2013

Yes you can, however, unless you have rcd protection on the mains before the board I doubt you'll find an electrician willing to do it epecially so if you are on a tt system (earth rod). It would cost you in materials about £13-£18 per mcb depending on where you buy them plus labour. It can be a cheaper option if you have rcd protection existing as this will not require a board change, which is £400 plus if you are lucky.


Answered 23rd Dec 2012

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