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I refer to my previous posting.........

Upon further inspection and clearing the gully (FULL TO THE TOP WITH WET SOIL) is of brick construction, basically a wall against the house wall, a gap (of about 3 inches more in parts) and then another wall this retains the earth from the house, the depth - it appears to go down to the base of the house (upto 1 meter in parts). the bottom of the gully is brick too - so no soak away, the flags sit on top of the two walls covering the gully so i dont know about keeping 3 inches away because this would expose the gully. I cannot repoint in a gully i cannot get my hands down (my arms are not 1 meter long) and cannot get in with an exterior dpc. any ideas ? thanks

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I didnt see your original question, so I am guessing by this question that you have some sort of a drainage gully, constructed of brick to 2 sides and a brick base and its 1m deep, max 75mm wide.
I also assume that it runs against your house wall and the length of the house.
You also indicate that it is capped with the paving.
If this is the case, and you have stated that it doesnt drain away anywhere, it defeats the object.
As you dont want to dig down that depth, plus extra to a soakaway or drain then I would clean it out as best you can, then at high level fit some proper drainage channels with grids, supported on prestressed lintols if needed, fit them as tight as possible and sand/cement edges up.
You should then have a water tight drainage system, but this must then be drained to a soakaway,or storm water drain.


Answered 8th May 2011

BJD Building/Roofing has the best solution here, the advice there is worth thinking about. The theory is sound and it will in turn give you a drain system you can properly direct away.


Answered 14th May 2011

Find someone with a 1metre arm


Answered 8th May 2011

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