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Should i get paid when rained off?

As an employee should I get paid when I'm told not to go work because of the bad weather?

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That would be nice, if your self imployed then your nakard. I wish I got paid every day it was wet. I would be getting paid today off a job but its raining so I'm at home cleaning :(


Answered 20th Dec 2012

It all depends how you are employed I suppose. Lads that work for me are CIS sub-contractors and only get paid by the days they work and being rained off is their (and my) tough luck. If you are PAYE then it may be different but not sure, I am guessing you would be paid by the hour and again lose money to the rain. If you dont like it or cant afford it I suggest you find another career as there will be many days lost to the weather in this country!!


Answered 20th Dec 2012

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