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Is the damp coming from fraying roof felt, and what will need doing if it is?

I'm in the process of buying a 1960s rendered solid wall house. The upstairs front bedrooms have damp along the top foot of the external walls. The surveyor is guessing that the damp is caused by frayed roof felt causing water to pool. Apparantly the roof angle is very shallow at the bottom. The surveyor indicated that the roof felt looked in good condition from inside the loft. The worst of the damp is in an unheated southwest facing room, and there is generally a condensation problem too.
Is the surveyor making a valid guess here? And what is the worst case scenario for repair?

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why did the surveyor not get on his ladder and take a look ? you did say he was supposed to be a surveyor ? me personally would not touch a solid wall house that had been rendered.
good luck alex


Answered 19th Dec 2012

Use eaves protectors and ventilate at eaves, strip back eaves and replace with breathable felt.


Answered 22nd Dec 2012

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